bath bomb recipe!

 had a whole tutorial planned with pictures to show you along the way…BUT my Photobucket wasn’t letting me load anything tonight and I was too tired to mess with it any more…..also forgive me if any of this is confusing I’ve never written anything like this down before…

anyway, the basic recipe comes from:

you’re going to get your supplies ready first.

A large bowl, measuring cups, measuring spoons, whisk, prefered mold, (silicone baking cups DO work the best!)  spray bottle you are willing to use just for bath bombs…now the ingreIdients include: baking soda, cornstarch, epsom/bath salt, citric acid, essential oils of your choice, extra virgin olive oil (you can customize! with avocado oil, apricot oil, almond oil, grape seed oil etc.) food coloring, any edible baking decorations you’d like to add and last you’ll need witch hazel!!

1 cup baking soda
1/2 citric acid
1/2 cornstarch
1/2 bath or epsom salts

add all dry ingredients into your bowl, this where my recipe differs, I order bath salts online from the midwest bath salt company (they have so much to choose from! a great price and they ship FAST!) the bath salt I used for this one was fine ground Vanilla bean…its amazing….you can smell it even before you open the box!

now the wet stuff! but read carefully before adding anything!!!
in your spray bottle put:

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tablespoons witch hazel

sprinkle your essential oil in the dry ingredients (do this slowly so you do not over activate your mix) whisk together

I used : 1 to 2 tablespoons of lavender

then lightly sprinkle desired food coloring into mixture

(just remember that light coloring isn’t necessarily a bad thing!! this gives your skin a tint if you try to make the color to bold!)

next: grab your spray bottle, lightly spray mixture, stopping and whisking all the time to check consistency. you are going to want to hit a wet sandy feel, think sand castle on the beach! it should stick in a clump if you were to squeeze it together!! DON’T LET IT GET TOO DAMP, DO NOT LET IT TOUCH WATER UNTIL BATHTIME, YOU MAY NOT NEED ALL OF THE LIQUID IN THE SPRAY BOTTLE….DEPENDING ON  CHOICE OF BATH SALT.

the final step: you can get creative and use cake decorations, sprinkles, edible glitter, chocolate chips, even dried flowers, and smaller cute candies (I love seeing the sweetheart candies in them!) put these in the bottom of your mold…completely your choice of how, what, where and why >_< then back those suckers full and i mean FULL. (press as firmly as possible) you can use anything around the house if needed…tupperware, cupcake pan, ice-cube trays, etc.

let your bath bombs sit for the whole night!! letting them sit will help them come out more complete and in the shape you were hoping! ……then they ready to add to your bath water and watch the magic!!

I will be posting more on bath bombs this summer, all of my personal recipes and soap that I’ll be starting!

the recipe above is for my kids nighttime bath, we used a star silicone mold, burgundy food coloring, and star sprinkles!

for earl grey latte, add equal amount bergamot essential oil, as well as the lavender and extra vanilla aromatherapy oil! creating the same effect one would smell in their earl grey latte (yum! my favorite!)


a little intro..

you may know us in real life, or you may have met us on various social media sites.
either way. wanna a little insight to the characters in our story? thats what this post is here for….

first off this is me…
 photo a04bb26c-6a05-421b-8b1f-a94b517f0d64_zpshm4rtdxf.jpg

hey, my name is paige. i like to think of myself as every bit obnoxious and passionate as anne of green gables. I was born in utah and i’ve stuck around ever since…. its probably because planes make me want cry, and cars are almost equally scary…(also scary for my husband, because i’m a wee bit lactose intolerant and big bit smelly, confine me to a tiny box, especially come winter…its bad news bears) any who, not only am i passionate about all things i love, i’m just about that passionate with all things that bother me. i crochet and sew, i hope to get a real good business going here clothing cute tots in all the vintage sewing patterns i find. i’m extremely adamant about teaching my children to break social norms, about being free from made up rules set by society

this is my husband, blake:

 photo 22556ff0-afc9-48d7-a240-5dc66194ec36_zpsaaxw2gym.jpghe is an art student, trying to make is as an illustrator one day. this guy also has high hopes to become a comic book artist as well! if you have ever met him you probably know how quiet he is, stuck in his own little world of video games, drawing and superheros. If you want anything done perfectly and with the calmest demeanor ask this kid. His whole nature is quiet, calm, rational and understanding. pretty good guy, if i do say so myself.

our eldest, River.

 photo 1b8138ea-0a2c-4e7c-aa3a-94c35052d5ba_zpsuauske2z.jpgshe was born on 2009, she is a sassy pants who listens to no one. she is creative and passionate, her imagination is constantly running a million miles an hour. don’t let the sweet face in the picture fool you, she actually has the attitude of a 16 year old and the more confidence than the rest of the family combined. she and I are constantly butting heads, but thats only because her will power and need to know EVERYTHING guides her just like my own.

the wild child Scout, numero dos:

 photo 45e044f7-a523-4855-b966-7a993919deaf_zpsp3acg8ld.jpg

she is the cutest pain in the butt you’ll ever meet. she is kind, sweet, polite and so appreciative. but she gets her logical side from her father. try to joke around with this girl, i dare you… she’ll see through anything you’ve got…. (her creativity though, is a little off because of it. To her, most pets are named cat, dog, fish and dolls are girl baby) her favorite things are leopards, cheetahs and jaguars, she can also tell you what store every single one of her toys were bought at.

number 3, Atticus a.k.a. beans:

 photo 19e83e1f-c4fd-4d03-abe1-7e807be20550_zpskzfipy3d.jpg

Beans is obviously the tiniest and newest in the family, we don’t know him as well as the girls yet. but what we do know is that he LOVES food and the teletubbies….in his own words “nummys and dubbys” his world revolves around these two things. he was once a mama’s boy but is now totally in love with his father, uncle taylor and his grandpa, he will sniff them out and follow them any where.

this blog is my newest attempt at keeping up with our growing babes and grown up trials. hopefully now that i’ll have more time off i can stay on top of this blogging thing! until next time! bye!